About Blooming Hill Flowers

Growing Happiness Since 1987

Blooming Hill Flowers started life in 1987. It is family owned and operated by Suzette and Frans van Dorsser and a dedicated team of around 20 staff members.

The nursery specialises in roses and gerberas.

We have a simple goal to consistently produce high quality products, drawing from our valuable growing skills acquired from years of experience and using the latest most effective and sustainable growing techniques.


To provide New Zealanders with locally grown fresh flowers!

Our Vision

To Keep growing a better flower every day and create a thriving work environment.

Principles & Values

Grow and produce crops in the most sustainable way available to us.

Collaborate with companies that align with our values and support our mission.

‘Improve to profit’- Prioritise improvements, efficiencies and green initiatives that in turn lead to long term profit.

Provide a healthy and safe working environment for staff.

Encourage staff progression.

Lead by example in good work ethic.

Foster and facilitate the inclusion of young people in the horticulture industry.

Support and enable the advancement of research and development in the sector.

The nursery has had a quality assurance and Good Agricultural Practices accreditation since 2004.